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HomeLike Select USA Rigid Core collection is designed to deliver a perfect balance of performance, appearance, and value with flooring Proudly Made in the USA!! Industry leading ScratchGuard technology provides outstanding protection for the floor’s beautiful natural wood look and feel. With its unparalleled life-proof durability and extreme performance, you can be assured of a maximum return on your flooring investment.

Buy American made, save jobs!!

Bolstered by the strength of real diamonds,
protected by the Wear Layer, protecting the beauty
of your investment.
Specifications Technical Data
Length 48.03" Width 7.09"
Thickness 5.5mm Wear Layer 20mil
Finish Random EIR Edge Description Micro Bevel
Sqft/Box 23.64 lb/Box 40.7
Box/Plt 55 Sqft/Plt 1300
lb/Plt 2237 Plt/FTL 19
Residential Warranty
Lifetime Limited
Commercial Warranty
Items Standards Requirements Result
Static Coefficient of Friction ASTM C1028 N/A Dry 0.69 Wet 0.56 Good
Peel Strength of Adhesive Bonds ASTM D903 ≥5.5Lbs./Inch 10.3Lbs./Inch Best
Abrasion Resistance of
Organic Coatings by the Taber Abraser
ASTM D4060 N/A Abrasion Wheel H-18 Load Applied 1000 Grams Number Of Cycles:14000 Best
Critical Radiant Flux ASTM E648 N/A Exceeds Class 1 Better
Resistance to Chemicals ASTM F925 0 - No change (----)
1 - Slight change
2 - Moderate change
3 - Severe change
0 No Change Good
Heavy Metal Content Analysis ASTM F963 N/A Not Detected Good
Static Load Limit ASTM F970 N/A 0.003 Inch Good
Heat Stability of Resilient Flooring by Color change ASTM F1514 N/A Gray Scale Rating 5 No Change Best
Light Stability of Resilient Flooring by Color change ASTM F1515 N/A Gray Scale Rating 5 No Change Good
Short-Term Indentation and Residual Indentation of Resilient Floor Covering ASTM F1914
ASTM F3261
N/A 0.002 inch
Surface Integrity: No puncture through wear layer / decor into rigid core. Best
Micro-Scratch Resistance (A & B) EN 16094 N/A MSR-B1 Best
Determination of Dimensional Stability and Curling after Exposure to Heat ISO 23999
ASTM F3261
Length mean ≦0.25
Width mean ≦0.25%
Length mean =0.02%
Width mean =0.04% Best
Determination of Locking Strength for Mechanically Assembled Panels ISO 24334 ≥2KN/m Long Side 5.6 KN/M
Short Side 3.1 KN/M Good
Laminate Floor Coverings - Determination of Geometrical Characteristics ISO 24337 N/A Good
Sound Transmission Class ASTM E90-09 (2016)
ASTM E413-16
N/A STC 52 Good
Impact Sound Transmission ASTM E492-09
ASTM E989-18
N/A Impact Insulation Class
IIC 62 Good
Determining Resistance of
Synthetic Polymers to Fungi
ASTM G21 N/A Rating 0, No Fungal Growth on Sample Best
Smoke Density (Non-Flaming) ASTM E662 ≦450 291 Best
Smoke Density (Flaming) ASTM E662 ≦450 237 Best