(SC) - Basic Rigid Core Running Line
4.5mm 12mil
Specifications Technical Data
Length 48.03" Width 7.17"
Thickness 4.5mm Wear Layer 12mil
Finishing Emboss Edge Description No Bevel
Sqft/Box 28.68 lb/Box 43.2
Box/Plt 60 Sqft/Plt 1721
lb/Plt 2657 Plt/FTL 16
Items Standards Requirements Result
Floorscore Certification SCS-EC10.3-2014v3.0 Refer to Standards Pass
GreenGuard Gold Certified UL 2818 - 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes and Furnishings Refer to Standards Pass
CE Certification EN14041 Refer to Standards Pass
Fire resistance EN 9239-1
EN ISO11925-2
EN 13501-1
Critical Fluxf≥8.0kW/m2
Fs≤150mm within 20s
Smoke≤750% minutes
Phthalate tests
EN 14372:2004 N/A Free
Dimension stability ASTM F2199-09(R2014) ≦0.25% Manufacturing direction:-0.046%
Across-manufacturing direction:-0.009%
Determination of dimensional stability and curling after exposure to heat ISO 23999:2012 ≤0.25% The curling ≤ 2mm MD:-0.05% AMD: 0% 0mm
Seam strength EN 684:1995 N/A Ave.:360N/50mm Pass
Residual indentation (%) ASTM F1700-13a &
ASTM F1914-07(2011)
Average value≦8 Individual value≦10 0.4 Pass
Determination of Indentation and Residual Indentation ISO 24343-1:2012 N/A 0mm Pass
Resistance to chemicals ASTM F1700-13a &
ASTM F925-13
No more than a slight change in surface dulling,surface attack,or staining No change in surface dulling,surface attack,or staining was detected
Heat stability ASTM F1514-03(R2013) △E*ab< 8 △E*ab=0.67 Pass
Static loading ASTM F970-17 N/A 0.04mm Pass
Soluble heavy metal contents test ASTM F963-16(Clause 8.3) N/A Free
Large ball impact resistance NALFA/ANSI LF-01-2011 N/A No cracks or fractures occurred at the height of 2500mm
Static Electrical Propensity EN 1815:2016 method A ≦2kV 0.2kV
Determination of Impact
Sound Insulation Class
ASTM E492-09(2016)
ASTM E989-06(2012)
N/A IIC=65
Formaldehyde ISO 17226-1:2008 N/A Free
Surface Bond NALFA/ANSI LF-01-2011 N/A 1.14MPa Pass
Resilient floor covering Determination of peel resistance EN ISO 24345:2012 ≥54N/50mm Longitudinal direction:95N/50mm
Cross direction:95N/50mm
Thermal conductivity EN 12667:2001 N/A 0.154 W/(m.K)
Thermal Resistance EN 12667:2001 N/A 0.033(m2.K)/W
Colour Fastness EN ISO 105-B02:2014 N/A Grade 6
Dimensional stability ISO 23999:2008 N/A Average:
X Direction: 0.02% Pass
Y Direction: -0.06%
Curling ISO 23999:2008 N/A Average: 0.5mm Pass
Residual indentation ISO 24343-1:2007 N/A Average: 0.02mm Pass
Locking strength ISO 10582:2017 Annex D Class 32,
type I:≥1.5kN/m
Long side(X): 7.6 kN/m
Short side(Y): 6.3 kN/m Pass
Resistance to staining ISO 26987:2008 N/A Index 0: Not affected Pass