HomeLike Great Value Rigid Core

HomeLike Great Value Rigid Core collection offers a highly durable and 100% waterproof option suitable for any room in the house. Combining the strength of stone and luxury of wood design, rigid core SPC flooring can endure extreme temperature fluctuation, indentation, stains and scratches.

Designed specifically for multi-family developments and single-family homes, Great Value Rigid Core series make the high-end flooring performance affordable for your budget.

Bolstered by the strength of real diamonds,
protected by the Wear Layer, protecting the beauty
of your investment.
Specifications Technical Data
Length 48.03" Width 7.16"
Thickness 5.3mm Wear Layer 12mil
Finish Emboss Edge Description Micro Bevel
Sqft/Box 28.68 lb/Box 46.9
Box/Plt 55 Sqft/Plt 1577
lb/Plt 2578 Plt/FTL 17
Residential Warranty
Lifetime Limited
Commercial Warranty
Items Standards Requirements Result
Floorscore Certification SCS-EC10.3-2014v3.0 Refer to Standards Pass
GreenGuard Gold Certified UL 2818 - 2013 Gold Standard for Chemical Emissions for Building Materials, Finishes and Furnishings Refer to Standards Pass
CE Certification EN14041 Refer to Standards Pass
Fire resistance EN 9239-1
EN ISO11925-2
EN 13501-1
Critical Fluxf≥8.0kW/m2
Fs≤150mm within 20s
Smoke≤750% minutes
Phthalate tests
EN 14372:2004 N/A Free
Dimension stability ASTM F2199-09(R2014) ≦0.25% Manufacturing direction:-0.046%
Across-manufacturing direction:-0.009%
Determination of dimensional stability and curling after exposure to heat ISO 23999:2012 ≤0.25% The curling ≤ 2mm MD:-0.05% AMD: 0% 0mm
Seam strength EN 684:1995 N/A Ave.:360N/50mm Pass
Residual indentation (%) ASTM F1700-13a &
ASTM F1914-07(2011)
Average value≦8 Individual value≦10 0.4 Pass
Determination of Indentation and Residual Indentation ISO 24343-1:2012 N/A 0mm Pass
Resistance to chemicals ASTM F1700-13a &
ASTM F925-13
No more than a slight change in surface dulling,surface attack,or staining No change in surface dulling,surface attack,or staining was detected
Heat stability ASTM F1514-03(R2013) △E*ab< 8 △E*ab=0.67 Pass
Static loading ASTM F970-17 N/A 0.04mm Pass
Soluble heavy metal contents test ASTM F963-16(Clause 8.3) N/A Free
Large ball impact resistance NALFA/ANSI LF-01-2011 N/A No cracks or fractures occurred at the height of 2500mm
Static Electrical Propensity EN 1815:2016 method A ≦2kV 0.2kV
Determination of Impact
Sound Insulation Class
ASTM E492-09(2016)
ASTM E989-06(2012)
N/A IIC=65
Formaldehyde ISO 17226-1:2008 N/A Free
Surface Bond NALFA/ANSI LF-01-2011 N/A 1.14MPa Pass
Resilient floor covering Determination of peel resistance EN ISO 24345:2012 ≥54N/50mm Longitudinal direction:95N/50mm
Cross direction:95N/50mm
Thermal conductivity EN 12667:2001 N/A 0.154 W/(m.K)
Thermal Resistance EN 12667:2001 N/A 0.033(m2.K)/W
Colour Fastness EN ISO 105-B02:2014 N/A Grade 6
Dimensional stability ISO 23999:2008 N/A Average:
X Direction: 0.02% Pass
Y Direction: -0.06%
Curling ISO 23999:2008 N/A Average: 0.5mm Pass
Residual indentation ISO 24343-1:2007 N/A Average: 0.02mm Pass
Locking strength ISO 10582:2017 Annex D Class 32,
type I:≥1.5kN/m
Long side(X): 7.6 kN/m
Short side(Y): 6.3 kN/m Pass
Resistance to staining ISO 26987:2008 N/A Index 0: Not affected Pass